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He requires a man to stop talking and to sit down and listen (to be quick to hear?) if another receives a revelation while he is speaking. Paul says that after two or three men have already exercised a particular gift (here it is tongues or prophecy), no one else should seek to exercise that gift in that particular meeting. That is enough of one good thing, and time for other forms of edification. What I am trying to say is that there are times when every one of us should remain silent.

According to James, every one of us should be reluctant to speak, rather than to compulsively strive to speak. There are some folks who should not speak at all.

These are the folks who do not have the message of the gospel right, or they are motivated by selfish desires. But for all the rest of us men and women we need to learn when to be quiet and to listen to what others have to say. We may wish to rebuke or to complain when we should put up with our situation silently (see 1 Peter 2:18-3:2).

We may wish to give advice when the wise thing to do is to keep silent. While there are many times when it would be wrong to remain silent, there seem to be at least as many times when it would be wrong to speak. Silence really can be golden. Once again, James has returned to the relationship between our words and our works.

The wanna-be teachers seem to be convinced that wisdom is a matter of words alone. James does not deny that wisdom is spoken in words, but he also wishes us to understand that wisdom is demonstrated in works. James tells us that the mouth is capable of incredible duplicity; it is capable of speaking words of blessing and words of cursing.

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